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33 Examples of Extraordinary Minimalist Packaging Designs

Kopos Limited Edition Packaging Design 01
63+ images of clean and minimalist packaging designs.

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14 of the Best Clean & Classy Business Card Designs


Business cards are always an important part of any brand identity.  For some companies and freelancers its the only way a client physically interacts with their brand.

This post is 21 inspiring images of clean, elegant and professionally designed business cards but with a pop of color here and there.
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Ristorante Firenze


The Firenze is a traditional Italian restaurant located near Frankfurt, Germany, since 1974. Designed by Sarah Le Donne.

After a small refresh of the existing logo, the task was to create a totally new concept and design for menu and wine cards, vouchers, brochures, business cards, letterheads and a website. The idea behind the identity was to lay the focus on the fresh products the restaurant is well known for. Also the classic Italian colors are reinterpreted in a modern way.

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Dagger & Co.

Dagger & Co brand ID 03

Branding for a tattoo shop that resides on the island of Malta. Operated by two eccentric owners whose goal was to stand out amongst what is typically expected for tattoo shop identities. Design by Chad Michael.

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