Kuzmich brand design 01

Kuzmich  is a delivery service, which offers a range of tasty things that go with beer, such as smoked meats, sausages, fish, etc. Design by Shamil Karim & Kristina Udovichenko.

Cookie Hotel Berlin

Cookie Hotel Berlin identity design 04

Love this fun and colorful design for Cookie Hotel Berlin by Deria Ormantzi and Sebastian Berbig.

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Piper & Sons

Piper & Sons branding packaging 02
Piper & Sons is a children’s clothing and accessories line for kids ages 0 to 5. The client approached Anagrama with the wish to create an upscale brand that could indulge kids such as Suri Cruise, Moses Martin or Vivi Jolie-Pitt with beautifully understated childrenswear with added touches of subtle elegance and unexpected whimsy.

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14 Premium WordPress Portfolio Themes

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14 hand picked premium WordPress portfolio themes. These templates are of a minimalist aesthetic are relatively newly published and  have a high rating on Themeforest.net.

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