Paper Engineering

Kinetic Paper horse
Not sure what to write about this post – its kinetic origami engineering pop-up packaging design work mostly done with paper; all pretty darn amazing.

Battery and Solar Powered Kinetic Horse by James G Watt.

Faltjahr 2010

Design by Johann Volkmer
Faltjahr 2010 01Faltjahr 2010 02Faltjahr 2010 03

Penny Shooter Business Card

A card the size of a standard business card in which you can load 10 US pennies and fire them off in rapid succession.
For more info and links to the design files if you want to build your own visit

Motorola / D&G V3i Box
Motorola came out with this a box a few years ago – so incredible enjoyable to open. These are the best image and vid I can find. If you know the designer – please let me know. Seems to me they made a gum package that used the same opening mechanism.

D&G V3i Box

Le Creative Sweatshop
Le Creative Sweatshop is committed to originality and quality, hand-crafted work constitutes the identity of Le Creative Sweatshop. Most pieces are handmade which gives them a humble, precious and fragile stature.

Le Creative Sweatshop 01Le Creative Sweatshop 02Le Creative Sweatshop 05Le Creative Sweatshop 07Le Creative Sweatshop 08Le Creative Sweatshop 09Le Creative Sweatshop 10Le Creative Sweatshop 11Le Creative Sweatshop 12Le Creative Sweatshop 13

Paper Engineering for Promotional Marketing Products – Starburst

Inspired by Hamburg

Poster design by Phong Phan
Inspired by Hamburg Catalogue, Packaging, Poster 01Inspired by Hamburg Catalogue, Packaging, Poster 02Inspired by Hamburg Catalogue, Packaging, Poster 03

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