19 Minimalist Style Guides

ICON – Royal Mail Rethink

The best way to learn about style guides is to copy what others are doing and make it your own. For this post I’ve scoured the web to find some beautiful examples of corporate brand style guides.

For those of you who don’t know: a style guide outlines your brand ID. The colors, layout, tone, use case examples — the personality and execution of the brand.  This is so other designers and can easily interrupt the look and feel of a brand and continue the brand strategy in a cohesive manner.

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Nike 100

Nike 100 identity design 08

Debuting at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and traveling to 100% Design in Tokyo, the Nike 100 described the history of the Nike brand through 100 quintessential artifacts that embody the unrelenting pursuit of lightness and speed.

We designed the architecture and interiors, oversaw production of the 9,000 sq ft exhibition space, and authored and curated all content – including dynamic installations, film, and interactive media. An iPod-based navigation system allowed each user to define their own path through the exhibit, and hear the voices of the designers and athletes that made sports history. Located in Beijing’s 798 Arts Space, the exhibition doubled as a social gathering spot and a venue for design lectures, talks and symposia. Finally we organized a national student project that involved design students from the top art academies in China contributing to a special crowd-sourced catalogue.

 Design by 2×4.

Hotel Daniel

Hotel Daniel - Branding & Photography 04

In awe of this extensive and minimal brand design and photography work by  moodley brand identity.

Hotel Daniel Vienna has landed in the Austrian capital with 116 rooms and the motto: Urban Stay, Smart Luxury. It enjoys a prime location in a building steeped in history. Hotel Daniel Vienna features art by Erwin Wurm and bees on the roof, an original American trailer and vines in the front garden as well as international cuisine and a relaxed atmosphere in the Bakery. Urban Stay offers modern travellers a vibrant and pulsating blend of innovative ideas which are far removed from cumbersome hospitality and the conventional charm of hotel chains. The idea has also gone down well with local city dwellers, making the Daniel Vienna an urban meeting place which adds up to a lot more than simply “a good place to stay overnight”.

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Cuckoo Identity : Placemaking 01

Cuckoo is Adelaide’s foremost underground electronic music, cocktail and tapas bar.

We were engaged to not only rebrand the venue but also consult on a revised floor plan to help activate dead areas. A logotype was created with various weights of monotype fonts that gave a quirky character which perfectly suited the different types of electronic music that is played at the bar. As the main colour scheme for the interior was black and white, pastel coloured papers were used for the menus and various collateral to give splashes of colour throughout the space and again ad to the quirky nature of the venue. The main graphic walls were pasted with black and white posters of various imagery, these were layered, ripped and torn to create an interesting textural collage of imagery. Old pallet timber was used to create feature walls behind the bar and dj booth, this added warmth into the interior and visually highlight these key areas.

Design – Band.

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