Cuckoo Identity : Placemaking 01

Cuckoo is Adelaide’s foremost underground electronic music, cocktail and tapas bar.

We were engaged to not only rebrand the venue but also consult on a revised floor plan to help activate dead areas. A logotype was created with various weights of monotype fonts that gave a quirky character which perfectly suited the different types of electronic music that is played at the bar. As the main colour scheme for the interior was black and white, pastel coloured papers were used for the menus and various collateral to give splashes of colour throughout the space and again ad to the quirky nature of the venue. The main graphic walls were pasted with black and white posters of various imagery, these were layered, ripped and torn to create an interesting textural collage of imagery. Old pallet timber was used to create feature walls behind the bar and dj booth, this added warmth into the interior and visually highlight these key areas.

Design – Band.

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