JouJou Retail Interior Design 03

JouJou provides a curious and whimsical escape from the humdrum adult world. It’s a realm where imagination takes flight—in the playful form of fire-breathing dragons, elusive fairies, robot warriors and peculiar monsters. Design by STRUCK.

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Electrolux – Christmas Cookie

Electrolux invited its Facebook fans to write a Christmas card to friends. The messages were posted on the wall of the friend in the form of an appetizing Christmas cookie. The authors and recipients of the 100 most original messages received at home, the real cookie. Work by F / Nazca.

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Nike 100

Nike 100 identity design 08

Debuting at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and traveling to 100% Design in Tokyo, the Nike 100 described the history of the Nike brand through 100 quintessential artifacts that embody the unrelenting pursuit of lightness and speed.

We designed the architecture and interiors, oversaw production of the 9,000 sq ft exhibition space, and authored and curated all content – including dynamic installations, film, and interactive media. An iPod-based navigation system allowed each user to define their own path through the exhibit, and hear the voices of the designers and athletes that made sports history. Located in Beijing’s 798 Arts Space, the exhibition doubled as a social gathering spot and a venue for design lectures, talks and symposia. Finally we organized a national student project that involved design students from the top art academies in China contributing to a special crowd-sourced catalogue.

 Design by 2×4.