STUDIO NEWWORK packaging design system for RMK body care line.

We developed new packaging design for body care products. Our keywords for designing bottles and packages include: modern; sincere; elegant; comfort; confident. We developed a monochromatic color palette and introduced color black for the logo and typographic elements. Our approach aims to combine a clean look with modern sensuality to appeal RMK’s sophisticated urban customers. We also developed and renewed packaging design of the cleansing product line.

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Sanlo brand design 01

Sanlo is an exclusive shop of hand-selected jewelry from around the world. Its founders explore the globe and curate the most beautiful pieces found in the most unusual places. This results in a unique collection of limited editions from new and fresh talent around the world.

The concept takes inspiration from world travelers, their voyages and their limitless curiosity. Sanlo’s treasure hunt for unique findings is reflected in the brand’s identity. The idea behind every collateral design was to recreate travelling instruments, such as guides, maps and compasses. Certificates and bags have details inspired in elements found in suitcases.
The monogram of the letters S and L (the initials of the co-founders) was developed inspired from typography of different alphabets, like Arabic, manuscript, and Russian. The result is a beautiful identity with an international aesthetic. The color palette was chosen keeping in mind that the jewelry must always be the main focus. The subtleness of the palette speaks of elegance and femininity, without invading the piece’s protagonism.

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Piper & Sons

Piper & Sons branding packaging 02
Piper & Sons is a children’s clothing and accessories line for kids ages 0 to 5. The client approached Anagrama with the wish to create an upscale brand that could indulge kids such as Suri Cruise, Moses Martin or Vivi Jolie-Pitt with beautifully understated childrenswear with added touches of subtle elegance and unexpected whimsy.

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