Lennon’s Poster

A short film following the recreation of the Pablo Fanque circus poster that inspired John Lennon to write ‘Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite’ for the Beatles album ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’. Using the traditional methods of wood engraving and letterpress printing, Peter Dean and his team of experts bring to life Lennon’s poster.

A Film By Nick Esdaile & Joe Fellows

New Theatre

New Theatre season_poster 10

New Theatre is one of Sydney’s oldest, proudest and most independent theatre’s. Rebrand by Interbrand.

 At the centre of it all, a new logomark referencing unexpected twists and turns in the form of an ‘NT’ device, that stems from the word mark. The logo combines the three initial letters of The New Theatre into one simple mark. The unique mirrored structure of the mark allows applications and messaging to be rotated. The device is used to communicate the theatre’s aims for constant reinvention, transitions and alternative viewpoints.

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Camerata de Lausanne

Camerata de Lausanne 02

Sound visualized. Design by Demian Conrad Design studio.

Because of my ingrained curiosity, I often ask myself the question: how can something invisible, like music, be graphically portrayed? Some time ago I needed to find a solution to visualise the concept of rarity. I solved this puzzle by inventing a random print technique called WROP. For the Camerata de Lausanne, I looked for a way of visualising sound, but without using images from the world of music per se (notes, instruments, etc).

How to visualise sound?
My research led me to the work of Ernst Chladni, a German physicist and the father of modern acoustics. Chladni had discovered that by taking a copper disc sprinkled with sand and rubbing it with a bow, he could obtain geometrical figures. This fact demonstrates that music also has a physical effect on matter. So I followed the geometrical thread discovered by Chladni and used it on all communication media for the Camerata de Lausanne. To give it a more contemporary feel and make it more manageable, I had software written by Mathieu Rudaz which allows us to generate images directly on the computer using a specific frequency.

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