33 Examples of Extraordinary Minimalist Packaging Designs

Kopos Limited Edition Packaging Design 01
63+ images of clean and minimalist packaging designs.

1. Kopos® | Limited Edition design by Chris Trivizas (above)

“Andriotis” company is a family business, specializing in the trade and processing of olive oil, for over 50 years.

In order to improve the crop quality, the olive trees are pruned when necessary. The branches are collected and once they have been selected and processed they become caps for the olive oil packaging.

DOSE Packaging Design 02 DOSE Packaging Design 03

2. DOSE design by Nora Kaszanyi

DO SE _ soda brand school project 2015

Robot Food Packaging Design 04Robot Food Packaging Design 06

3. Costello & Hellerstein design by Robot Food

Ori Hellerstein and Yvonne Costello handcraft their sublime chocolate truffles to deliver a complete sensory experience.

Inspired by their creativity, technical brilliance and collaborative approach, we developed a brand identity and pack design to visualise their story. The wordmark is a clean and confident contrast to the organic lines, motion and craft origins of a flowing marble pattern achieved by swirling ink on water and overlaying cartridge paper. The result is a beautiful, uncompromising identity. A fitting showcase for the truffles within.

Clutch Bodyshop Packaging Design 07 Clutch Bodyshop Packaging Design 08

4. Clutch Bodyshop design by Socio Design

Clutch Bodyshop are an inspirational brand founded in 2005 by elite fitness and nutrition expert Ashley Conrad. They specialise in fitness and nutrition programs as well as providing a portfolio of supporting supplements.

The new packs were designed to reflect the quality and science behind the supplements, positioning Clutch as a premium player in sports nutrition and fitness. The final design combined a minimal typographic aesthetic and simplistic colour palette to create a distinctive pack design that communicated the purity of ingredients within the range.

Tocantins Chocolate Packaging Design 09 Tocantins Chocolate Packaging Design 10
5.Cacao Barry Tocantins design by Zoo Studio

Tocantins is a chocolate that comes from small cocoa plantations from the Amazon delta. The production is limited and reserved exclusively to the “World’s 50 Best Restaurants”.

The packaging for the presentation is made with paper paste, tied with fine rope and sealed with sealing wax, evoking a remote origin with a band that provides exclusivity.

J+ Packaging Design 11


J+ Packaging Design 126. Packaging & Branding design for J+ by empatía .

This newly founded beverage company helps to cleanse our body from the toxic substance that we consume from daily food and to get more energy for our life.
Cheburashkini Brothers Dairy Packaging Design 13 Cheburashkini Brothers Dairy Packaging Design 14

7. Cheburashkini Brothers Dairy Packaging by Ermolaev Bureau

Cheburashkini brothers are real people, who have restored four old farms in an ecologically clean Moscow region, transported highly productive European cow breed, and built up an ultramodern dairy factory. The packaging of dairy brands on the Russian market is often based on traditional visual codes such as pouring milk, images of cows, etc.

The main idea of packaging design is based on typography, where initial letters of products are central elements of the design. We have designed a display sans-serif typeface with a set of weights, and for the text setting we have used the Cyrillic version of Euclid typeface from Swiss Typefaces.

8. Brücke Bier design by Anna Salvador

Brücke it’s a brand formed by a Schwarzbier and a Weissbier. Its name refers to Franz Ernst Brückmann, a german doctor who wrote a play in which the Brunswick Mumme was mentioned as a drink with miraculous effects.

Hoodoo Brewing Co Packaging Design 17 Hoodoo Brewing Co Packaging Design 18

9. Packaging and rebranding for Hoodoo Brewing Co. by Benjamin Puffer

BOHNAR HERBOLARIA Packaging Design 19 BOHNAR HERBOLARIA Packaging Design 20

10. BOHNAR _ Herbolaria art direction and design by Diego Bellorin

Selfridges MarshmallowPatterns Selfridges MarshmallowPatterns
11. The Marshmallowist Branding & Packaging by Veronica Lethorn / Pattern, Photography & Art Direction by Eve Warren

The developed brand celebrates the companies values; a bold, contemporary product that embraces artisanal ingredients, progressive flavour combinations and innovative production methods, all with a slice of fun.
The brand identity was then expressed by Veronica Lethorn through a customised version of Piero Di Biase, Think Work Observe, Futwora (a contemporary take on the classic type face Futura originally designed by Paul Renner), across the packaging range printed on G. F Smith Colorplan papers.
Recently Oonagh collaborated with emerging creative Eve Warren to art direct, develop a supporting brand palette and create a range of abstract patterns to market the product range. The abstract fruit patterns, developed by Eve, were then applied to the flagship bakery shopfront.

12. Splitz Popsicle’s by Wylee Sanderson

Each Popsicle is molded in house at a steady 29° and cast with only the finest imported fruits from across the world.

Moccato-Packaging-Design-24 Moccato-Packaging-Design-25
13. Moccato design by Rodrigo Saiani, Lucas Campoi, Dominique Kronemberger, Flora de Carvalho

A coffee club for hardcore coffee lovers.

It was vital that we came up with something young and cosmopolitan. The stencil logotype was our re-interpretation of something very traditional to the coffee industry (the coffee sacks and wooden boxes used for transportation), and also a nod to street art, young and nonconformist by nature. And lastly, sure, it also resembles the curved shapes of coffee beans.

The boxes are practical and small – so the consumer can handle and store them easily. Each color relates to a flavor, but the die cut of the stencil letters is random, which makes the boxes different in every shipment (a fun spelling game to keep in the pantry).

MAKE ME LOVELY CREAM-Packaging-Design-26 MAKE ME LOVELY CREAM-Packaging-Design-27

Keisari Bakery Packaging Design 28 Keisari Bakery Packaging Design 29
15. Keisari Bakery design by Werklig

Keisari Bakery (Leipomo Keisari) wanted to renew their visual identity and to communicate the change of the old name Kakku & Leipä Keisari (translation: Cake & Bread Cesar). The old name seemed to be too constraining as it gave the impression that they sold only cakes and bread, where as the product range is much wider.

We set out to create an identity that was designed in measured steps and used simplicity as an asset. The first step was to clarify the name, which was done by dropping the cake and bread references. On the visual side we created a black and white pattern that stemmed from scoring marks that are often found in baked bread. This pattern proved to be very versatile as it could be scaled to fit different types of surfaces using both black and white colours. In packaging we decided to use white materials instead of the usual brown as it created a clear differentiation from other bakery brands. The black and white visual identity made a great contrast to the product range, from levain bread and french baguettes to pastries and colourful cakes. To sum the results up we achieved a strong graphic look that stood out and simultaneously highlighted the product.

Jucy Lu Packaging Design 30 Jucy Lu Packaging Design 31
16. Jucy Lu design by Dani V. Sanchez and El Autobus

Jucy Lu is a cold-pressed juice and health food shop that uses premium organic ingredients to provide necessary provisions to replace fast food with convenient healthy food.

Our proposal has at its core Jucy Lu’s altruistic philosophy while bringing attention to the hand-made aspect of the food and juices they produce. The brand is amicable, simple but well crafted, maintaining an almost monochromatic scheme to achieve balance. With this in mind we created: a large set of illustrations, typographic arrangements, icons, stamps and stickers; all of which are intermixed on the packing.

Love Guide Condoms Packaging Design 32 Love Guide Condoms Packaging Design 33

17. Love Guide Condoms design by Guan-Hao Pan

Maison La Crème Packaging Design 34 Maison La Crème Packaging Design 35
18. Maison La Crème design by Análogo

Maison La Cremè it’s a boutique coffee shop and boulangerie located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México in the beautiful Providencia zone.

We developed the main identity with only one font family: Tautz. This gave the whole project a unique and distinctive character. Also we designed a monogram that combines the initials of Maison La Crème and the names of the two founding sisters. The color palette consisting only of black, white and gold, enhance the sense of austerity and elegance along with the good taste of their gastronomical offer.

Corinne Cosmetics Packaging Design 36 Corinne Cosmetics Packaging Design 37
19. Corinne Cosmetics design by Anna Trympali

Great Northern Wilderness Organic Flour Packaging Design 37 Great Northern Wilderness Organic Flour Packaging Design 38
20. Great Northern Wilderness – Organic Flour design by Tom Jueris

Milk from Finland - Arla Packaging Design 39 Milk from Finland - Arla Packaging Design 40
21. Milk from Finland – Packaging for Arla design by Tuukka Tujula

When Arla started selling exclusively local milk in Finland, it renewed its entire milk packaging line in the country.

We took the task of designing the new packaging to reflect the new approach and the milk’s origins. The end results is a concept based on water-coloured illustrations that make the packages instantly recognizable – the packages are livened up with seasonal details. Each product type has its own motif to ease consumer navigation. Stripes indicate basic milks, balls point out low-lactose products whereas waves mean non-lactose. Bacteria-boosted soured milks are signposted with triangles.

BEEloved honey Packaging Design 41 BEEloved honey Packaging Design 42
22. BEEloved honey design by Tamara Mihajlović and Njegos Lakic Tajsic

this is milk Packaging Design 43 this is milk Packaging Design 44
23. this is _ milk design by Daniel Farò

De Cecco Packaging Design 45 De Cecco Packaging Design 46
24. De Cecco Packaging design by Kajsa Klaesén

Packaging and rebranding project for the Italian brand De Cecco.

I wanted to keep their classic color scheme, but changed the hues to give it a fresh update. The idea was to make packaging that would stand out next to other brands, but still have a traditional feel. The circle is a recurring element both in the typography and the cut-outs.

Românico Bordados Packaging Design 48
25. Românico Bordados design by VOLTA

Românico Bordados (embroidery) wants to recover the famous Vale do Sousa (an area in Northern Portugal) embroidery and turn these fantastic linen and cotton goods into luxury items.

Our solution was to create a symbol based on the monument’s motifs, allied to a decorative but strong typography (Estilo Pro by portuguese typeface designer Dino dos Santos). We used kraft-like paper for the tags and product boxes, printing only in one color.

Pure Jomo Packaging Design 49 Pure Jomo Packaging Design 50
26. Pure Jomo design by Alaa Abuamra

JUMO consists of five different products which are gemstone, conch shell, tea, essential oils, and kinetic sand. Each element is associated with one of the five senses

The package design was kept minimal  to deliver a clear message about the benefit of the product and instruction on how to use the product. The colours of the brand reflect the nature that the products came from.

Boine Clinic Packaging Design 51 Boine Clinic Packaging Design 52
27. Boine Clinic design by Sabbath Visuals

Boiné Clinic is a dermatologist & aesthetic medicine center that specializes in facial fillers, thread lifting, peeling, botox and laser hair removal.

The brand’s color palette communicates a clean visual aesthetic, and reflects the ideal of perfection. The icon is an abstraction of the three layers of the skin, representing the main core of the brand.
Packaging was created using silver chrome and solid colors that enhance the visual language, creating a connection that communicates sensibility and creates a new standard for clinical beauty products.
Teastories Packaging Design 53 Teastories Packaging Design 54

28. Teastories design by Anagrama .

Teastories is a tea store offering selected premium tea products located in Vienna. The store offers a wide variety of teas that come from all over the world starting with black tea from Sri Lanka to green tea from Japan as well as various tea accessories. Teastories searches to represent the place where tea lovers are born, also offering an approachable way to enjoy high quality tea on the go.

Our proposal created a brand that makes allusion to the natural accents of flavor and aroma in tea getting presented in a minimalistic and approachable way. This was obtained by using brush strokes using a subtle color palette referencing the essence of tea, which is present throughout the brand’s packaging.

The logo brings together quotation marks and tea leaves, playing with the idea that every tea shares a different story. On the tea packaging you can find quotations that describe the tea’s personality accentuating each tea’s different characteristics in a unique way.

Redwood Cosmetics Packaging Design 55 Redwood Cosmetics Packaging Design 56
29. Redwood Cosmetics design by Dominic Rios Sakalauskas

Umbra Shift Packaging Design 57 Umbra Shift Packaging Design 58
30. Umbra Shift Packaging design by Post Projects

Umbra Shift is an extension of Umbra that focuses on contemporary influences in the design community.

Gorky Park Icecream Packaging Design 59 Gorky Park Icecream Packaging Design 60
31. Gorky Park Ice cream design by Anastasia Genkina

This ice cream has been a treat inseparable from a walk in the Moscow Gorky Park for decades.

Zorra Packaging Design 61 Zorra Packaging Design 62
32. Zorra design by Análogo

Hidraulik Packaging Design 63 Hidraulik Packaging Design 64
33. Hidraulik design by Huaman Studio

Hidraulik is a new brand that reinterprets the modernist floors and turns them into design rugs.

Based on the hydraulic tiles as a key element, we designed a flexible and neutral identity that could coexist with very colorful designs, with its own universe and personality.

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