Hotel Brand Identity

Hotel hotel hotels. Compilation of hotel brand identities.

New Sheridan Hotel
by Urban Influence

New Sheridan Hotel Branding Stationary 01New Sheridan Hotel Branding 02New Sheridan Hotel Branding 03

Arctic Club Hotel Branding
by Urban Influence

Arctic Club Hotel Branding 01Arctic Club Hotel Branding 02Arctic Club Hotel Branding 03

Hotel Ambrose
by Miklos Kiss

Hotel Ambrose identity 01Hotel Ambrose identity 02

SLS Hotel Logo Identity
by Steven Noble

"SLS Hotel" logo identity at Beverly Hills 01

"SLS Hotel" logo identity at Beverly Hills 02"SLS Hotel" logo identity at Beverly Hills 03

Hotel San Giuseppe
by Miulli Associati

Hotel San Giuseppe 01Hotel San Giuseppe 02

Hotel on Top
by FOB Design

Hotel on Top 01Hotel on Top 02Hotel on Top 03

Hotel Postalita
by Michelle Alvarez

Hotel-Postalita 01Hotel-Postalita 02Hotel-Postalita 03

Hotel Chester
by Cristina Jucan

Hotel Chester 01Hotel Chester 02Hotel Chester 03

lori Hotel & Bar
by Tea Time Studio

Iori Hotel & Bar 01Iori Hotel & Bar 02Iori Hotel & Bar 03

The Waterhouse at South Bund
by Foreign Policy

The Waterhouse at South Bund 01The Waterhouse at South Bund 02The Waterhouse at South Bund 03

725 Continental Hotel
by Vik Arrieta / Monoblock

725 Continental Hotel 01725 Continental Hotel 02725 Continental Hotel 03

Westwood Hotel
by Julien De Repentigny

westwood hotel 01westwood hotel 02westwood hotel 03

The Chelsea
by Steven Jockisch

The Chelsea 01The Chelsea 02The Chelsea 03