Roen Interior design 01

Interior design by Ito Masaru Design Project SEI.

The space is divided into large three zones through setting the tunnel made of black glass at the center obliquely in response to the customer circulation. The space starts from the main zone positioned in the center that is opened widely towards the entrance. The custom-made chandelier made of Swarovski crystal and the titanium skull as the symbol of this shop is set on the ceiling like a waterfall towards the floor. And the small room next to the main zone is positioned as an antechamber of the fitting room. The room is featured by the organically wriggling floor with the digital LED installed under the glass printed in the colored leopard skin pattern.
Moreover, the minimally constructed cashier zone is positioned on the left zone. As a result, the whole space is presenting Roen’s regular concept such as the fusion of minimum and glamorous taste without intention.

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Kid robot interior retail design 01

MASHstudios interior design for Kid Robot retail store in Miami.

As an icon in pop culture, art toys and vinyl, Kid Robot needed something simple and fresh, modern yet understated for a young feel that wouldn’t over clutter their small spaces. In each store, smaller shelves were needed for the toys, as well as storage areas and apparel displays. Custom built cabinets, fixtures, flooring, signage, and graphics were incorporated throughout the span of the projects.

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Pop Art

Pop Art 01

In 2011 adidas Originals organizes 6 pop-up stores with guerrilla tactics in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. D’art Design Gruppe creates this unique shop concept customized for the adidas collection “ransom” and “blue”.

Only the ones who will be in the right place at the right time can purchase the exclusive collections. The pop-up stores open only for a short time in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Only invited guest know the locations. They are communicated through social media channels. The urban style stores are 40 to 90 sqm large. Not only the materials like the store furniture consisting of steel tubes, exposed cables or the illumination with simple light bulbs is simple. The products also seem to be hung randomly on the system. But anything is left to chance: The system behind it all can be put up within on day on site with one hex key.

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Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

Saks Fifth Avenue Store Interior by Guise 01

The Swedish architectural firm Guise has completed the concept store for a high fashion brand Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, in Stockholm’s central fashion district.

“The ambition was to use strong silhouettes whereupon we choose a double helix-shaped stair as a basic form. In order to adapt the helix shape to meet the functional requirements we had to deform the shape of the stair until it met the commercial need for exposure, but also in order to give it an unique character of its own”.

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Pass The Baton – Omotesando

Wonderwall an amazing interior design firm based in Japan (Hearts and prayers going out to Japan at this time), created this project for “PASS THE BATON”  The new store also showcases the flow or the communication involved in passing things on. Visitors may feel the popularity and the evolving nature of the brand’s concept through the newly established gallery.

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