25 Clean & Minimal Business Cards

Invader business card deign 07

1. Invader acrylic card by Paolo Castellaneta.

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PABLO ABAD business card deign 01

2. PABLO ABAD letterpress business card.

Lia Martini business card deign 02

3. Lia Martini personal card.

Jon Cleave business card deign 03

4. Self promotional material of Jon Cleave.

Sommelier Markov Anatoly business card deign 04

5. Pressed and stamped card for Sommelier Markov Anatoly. Design by Eskimo Design Studio.

OHLAB business card deign 05

6. OHLAB business card design by IS Creative Studio.

Pop Grub business card deign 06

7. Pop Grub card design by Hype & Slippers.

Caroline Boisvert business card deign 08

8. Caroline Boisvert business card design by Chez Valois.

Stella Petkova letterpress business card deign 09

9. Blind deboss with golden foil – Stella Petkova.

Simon Says business card deign 10

10. Card design for Simon Says.

Hot Popsicle business card deign 11

11. Hot Popsicle by  Rachel Kalagher.

Yiu Studio business card deign 12

12. Yiu Studio business cards letterpressed and a 3 ply lamination to reveal a second brand color.

Table Nº 1 business card deign 13

13. Folding table business card for Table Nº 1 by Foreign Policy.

14. Barber’s business card concept by Evgeny Katz.

Verena Michelitsch business card deign 15

15. Personal business cards for Verena Michelitsch – letterpress & golden edge painting.

Ade Chong business card design 16

16. DIY set of personal name cards by Ade Chong.

Otilia Indumentaria business card design 17

17. Otilia’s business cards by Off Road.

Julien Hauchecorne business card design 18

18. Julien Hauchecorne  card printed on the backside with a diffraction effect foil on a pristine white and ebony black duplexed substrate with a diffraction foil fore-edge printing process on the outside edges. Design by Denis Mallet.


19. Cora.Hillebrand photo  envelope style card design by Lundgren Lindqvist.

Suite. Erotic shop business card design 20

20. Suite. Erotic shop foil match book style name card by Modik.

Hydro74 business card design 20

21. Hydro74 coin business card.

Concrete business card design 22

22.Murmure created a set of business cards made of concrete.

behance business card design 23

23. Design of Behance business cards by  Oscar Ramos Orozco applying the identity created by Matias Corea under his direction.

William Branton business card design 24

24. William Branton business cards.

Waldo Trommler Paints business card design 25

25. Waldo Trommler Paints cards by Reynolds and Reyner.

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